You might be horse crazy if…

Our favorite feature about Thea is her nose. Why? Well, it is soft and big and when she sniffs either Erin’s or my face it just makes us smile. When you love someone (2 or 4 legged) your favorite thing about them may not be the most obvious thing to everyone else. It may not even make sense to anyone else; it does not matter.

I loved Erin’s Bunny Teeth. She had an over-bite that is disappearing thanks to her braces. She was not fond of them, of course, but I was…and I think I will always miss them a little bit- evan as I see her grow into a beautiful young woman. Same with my son’s little boy voice. My heart catches when I watch a video of him and hear his voice the way it was before he grew up. *sigh*

So here’s to the soft noses and buckteeth and little voices that are special not because of what they are but who they belong to.