About Us

My Horses Art is a unique spot on the web; it’s for people looking for original horse related arts and gifts, but it’s also a safe place for our daughters (especially beginner riders or girls who don’t ride) to share their love of horses.

My Horses Art is a partnership between Erin, my daughter and me. I inherited my love of horses from my mother, who rode all the years I was growing up. I spent my pre-teen and teenage years at the stables where I kept my horse, and though that was many years ago, the love of horses has never left (it doesn’t, does it?). I was delighted when my daughter fell in love with horses so now I get to share this joy with her….and my mom! My sister and her daughter also spent years at the stables together where they live in Norway. Mother-Daughter-Horse combos exist everywhere!

We own a cute little red hair mare named Thea.

As we start on our fifth year, we are really excited about our painting parties, which are super fun! We’ve had people of all ages paint and come back with their friends! If you’re in the area, we’d love to have you come and paint with us- we provide the canvas, paints, and guidance to help you paint a beautiful horse portrait..and if you have a photo of your own horse, we can help you paint your own horse!