Thea - mascot of pony painting partiesWelcome to My Horse Art, home of the Pony Painting Parties!  It’s hard to believe we are going into our 5th year of painting! Over the years we have painted a LOT of ponies, but we have also painted TONS of other things. Of course we’ll always have our signaure PONY painting, but as you can see from our Painting Gallery, our painters take on all kinds of subjects.

The focus of all our Painting Parties is CREATIVITY! We encourage every painter (no matter what the age) to pick their own colors and style. We are here to help you enjoy the painting process as much or as little as you want.

We have always donated a portion of our profits to horse rescue, but now we are very excited to extend this to our Fundraising Painting Parties. You can raise money for your non-profit organization, school or group while you paint – 50% goes to your organization! Read more about the Fundraising Parties here.

We also have a fantastic Birthday Party package put together, which makes it easy and fun for everyone, including the family! Read more about Birthday Parties.